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 DRS NTUBA & K MARIE LOMBARDO on surgery in global health .

Fund raising for Hiv/aids work , example of Dancers for AIDS .

 World bank accountability mechanism consulting  and  global health diplomacy .

United nations agencies are open for independent consultants working in global health issues , hiv/aids [unaids] . UNICEF , and child survival health and health education programs . Substance[drug] abuse problems , Sex abuse and Hiv/aids in women/ Relationship based violence  .UNIFEM . 
International response to the Ebola epidemic of west Africa was slow and inadequate  said Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba in an international meeting bringing experts around the world .
   Follow up meeting at the world bank looked at the financial requirements and the areas for reconstruction following the economic effects of Ebola outbreak in the affected regions .
  World Bank president said response was slow too . 
Video shows Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba participating in the discussion of an expert panel set up to address the problem .
Army plays a very important role through global health
engagement .

Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo participates in policy work at the institute of medicin as it was then.called. Quality of care for low and middle income countries 

Respiratory problems are some of the most challenging in global  health and in American thoracic society , ATS , annual meeting ,globla health issues are addressed . 

Vaccines and immunology is one of the area of work in global  health .

Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba strategizes with San Antonio mayor , ,Bexar county leadership in fast-track HIV/AIDS  city,s plan of action , october 2017 , San Antonio Texas USA 

Global health outreaches with partners in multiple countries .

 Maternal and reproductive health programming is very very important in our global health work , here Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba works at the American society for reproductive medicine 2017 annual cvonference . 

Dr Thompson Ntuba with first successful test tube baby [Ms Louis  Brown ] at the ASRM  2017 .  

Dr Thompson Akwo Ntuba , Chair Hon SHEILA Lee Jackson and members of the congressional black caucus foundation at post Harvey disaster economic recovery summit discussions .

Senator Tom Carper , of Delawe and Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba at the USA congress for health policy work.

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